2021 Scholarships have been awarded!

Each year, three $3000 scholarships are available to undergrads or graduate students currently enrolled in a metals program at an accredited educational institution in the Midwest Region (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa). These scholarships were created to recognize outstanding metals students work and encourage the development of their skills.


Next Scholarship Applications open September 2021 with the deadline for 2021 on February 1, 2022.


The THREE 2021 Recipients

Gabriel Chaille

       Graduate Student

       MFA - Metalsmithing

       Southern Illinois University Carbondale

       Instructors: Richard Smith and Sun Kim


Seeds of Memory

Steel, redbrass; repousse', turning, welding.

4" X 2"


Mild Steel, paint and rust patina; forging and fabrication.

4.5" X 7" X 18"

The Sound of a Tear Not Cried

Mild steel, sterling silver, white topaz, silicone; repousse.

4.5" X 2.75"

Allison Ice

          Graduate Student

Masters in Fine Art emphasis in Jewelry and Metalsmithing

University of Kansas

Instructor - Gina Westergard and Sunyoung Cheong


Say Something!

    Brooch Trio

Digitally sculpted and 3D printed eco-resin, hand fabricated sterling silver, and steel pins.

7 X 5 X 3 cm each

Memory Box

3D printed polyactic acid plastics and photopholymer resins, velvet, sterling silver, copper, magnets, colored pencil, acrylic paint, found objects, my childhood memory box.

80 X 35 X 5 cm

Excuse Me?

     Brooch Trio

Digitally sculped and 3D printed eco-resin, hand fabricated sterling silver, and steel pins.

5 X 5 X 5 cm each

Max Meier

          Under Graduate Student

          Studio Art
          Earlham College
          Instructor: Melis Agabigum


Meteor Katana


Meteorite, Steel, Enamel, Shibuichi, Oak; forging, pattern welding, engraving, champleve, and cloisonne enameling.

42" in length

Three Men Laughing at an

Existential Joke


Copper, Brass; prong set, soldered, and chased/repousse'.

4" X 4"

Have You Heard?


Bronze, Brass, Silver, Enamel, Stainless Steel; forged, chased/repousse, soldered, fabricated, and cloisonne enameled.

4" X 2"

In Midewest Metalsmiths effort to meet an ongoing need in our commitment to contribute to youth in need at the Craft Alliance, we designated $500 to the Crafting a Future program to purchase metalsmithing tools. The tools would benefit all of the participates in Crafting a Future at the Craft Alliance during the summer months of 2019.

This $500 scholarship is available to any current Midwest Metalsmiths member. The purpose is to assist with funding for course fee, class supplies and/or transportation expenses for a class at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts located in Young Harris, GA. The school offers a variety of metalsmithing and lapidayr classes.  Awardees will be asked to provide a brief account of their experiences, such as a video, pictures or short synopsis, after attending the class at William Holland. Interested members should complete the application by November 1st. Scholarships are awarded at the end of the year.

Aimee Domash 2020 Winner!


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