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The Beginning


In 1995, the Society for Midwest Metalsmiths was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The goal was to connect local metalsmiths who could share and receive technical information as well as promote and encourage individuals and groups interested in metalsmithing. Under the tutelage of Heikki Seppa, Ray Wenneker founded the metalsmithing group in the St Louis area.


The Midwest Metalsmiths has lived up to its mission of education throughout its twenty plus year history. The group has energetically worked to educate its members in the art of metalsmithing through workshops, speakers, and demonstrations. The funds we generate from our workshops and other fundraising are dedicated to the scholarships we give each year to local youth in need and  university level students. We have also worked to educate the public through shows that feature the diversity of artistic expression in metal. In 2017, the organization officially changed its name from The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths to simply Midwest Metalsmiths.

Midwest Metalsmiths Board & Financials

Elected Officers

President - Leigh Roberts

Vice-President - Nancy Pierson

Treasure - Wendy  Walsh

Secretary - Kelly Miller

Committee Chairs

Fund Raising - Aimee Domash

Scholarships - Deborrah Daher & Lanie Kodner

Art Show - Lisa Koenig & Rosemary Werkmeister

Workshops - Susan Kendig & Linda Langford

Website Administrator - Kathryn Bowman


To reach anyone of the MM Board members, please use our email address; midwest.metalsmiths@gmail.com.

What We Do

Annual March Business Meeting

Members come together to elect the governing board and distribute "service pins" awarded for members volunteer hours of service to the organization.

Networking Opportunities

Metalsmiths and artists get together to discuss interests and engage in creative dialogue. These gatherings may be purely social, a metal technique demonstration, a speaker dealing with relevant topics, or a field trip to a museum or local artist studio.

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