Three Hammers
Three Hammers

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Organized Tools
Organized Tools

A jeweler's vice, finger files, large files, and polishing and grinding tools. All tools used commonly by a metalsmith.

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Chasing Tools
Chasing Tools

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Three Hammers
Three Hammers

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Midwest Metalsmiths needs your help.

Our organization has been in existence for 27 years and we need member help to keep it going into the future. During the 27 years the work of running the organization has been done exclusively on a volunteer basis. Three elected officers and four appointed board chairs are stepping down at the end of their terms in March 2023. We are so very grateful for all these members hours of service. Elected Officers and Board Members that are stepping down:

  •      President, Catherine Geyer, served three years.

  •      Vice-President, Nancy Pierson, served five years.

  •      Treasure, Wendy Walsh, served twelve years. Wendy has also served in other capacities.

  •      Scholarship Committee, Deborrah Daher and Lanie Kodner served fifteen years and have also served in other capacities. Both are founding members.

  •      Art Show Chair, Lisa Koenig, served five years.

  •      Website Administration, Kathryn Bowman, served six years, past President five years, and twice Vice-President.

  •      Social Media Coordinator, NEW POSITION. To keep up with our ever-evolving world we are adding this Chair position. To be able to meet member’s various means of communicating and getting our message out, this person would be communicating via, Instagram, Facebook, emails, and the MM website.


We need your help. It is fun, you learn a lot, you get a chance to make friends with some very talented artists and move the world of metalsmithing into the future. Every person stepping down has enthusiastically said they will support and help train any volunteer coming in. Please do not jump to any conclusions that there has been a big blow up, because there has not been. These members have served long and well and deserve to be able to move on to pursue new horizons.

Nomination of the four officers begins in January 2023. Voting will take place at our annual March meeting. The chair positions will be filled by the new elected board. Think about how you can serve and where your skills would best fit in and let Catherine Geyer know of your interest. Midwest Metalsmiths serves the Midwest region, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. Any member that is interested and wishes to perform their job remotely is welcome. We have operated remotely throughout the pandemic and welcome volunteers from any of the above locations. Any questions ask Catherine Geyer.

Very important, if there is no response to our plea, Midwest Metalsmiths may be dissolved on or around March 2023. We will dissolve the non-for-profit status with the State of Missouri. What monies we have at that time will be distributed per our letters of incorporation.

Brief Description of Elected Officer and Committee Chair Positions

Elected Officers

President - Lead General and Board Meetings, be reasonably comfortable using a computer to send email blasts and run Zoom meetings, be able to communicate on all existing platforms, create and execute General Meeting activity, fill Committee Chair positions, monitor what the Committee Chairs are doing, communicate news and updates to the Web Administrator and Social Media Admin, assume a leadership role for the group, and be fully abreast of the MM Bylaws and Charter in running the Not-for-Profit.


Vice-President - Support the President as needed and lead live or virtual meetings if the President is otherwise unavailable, assist in finding activities for General Meetings, and be aware of MM Bylaws and Charter.

Treasure - Track expenses, issue checks as necessary, file forms with IRS, coordinate banking needs and keep insurance current. While this job is not time consuming, all the functions must be carried out in a timely manner.


Appointed Chair Positions You May Be Interested In.

Scholarship Committee - Oversee the Midwest Metalsmith Merit Scholarships. Getting the word out, making the selections, and overseeing distribution of funds. Any questions ask Deborrah Daher or Lanie Kodner.

Website Administrator - Maintain existing website, put up current events, coordinate forms for membership, workshops, etc., and be the communications center for the organization. Any questions ask Kathryn Bowman. Kathryn will train the volunteer on the WIX platform. This free training could be beneficial to the volunteer in their career as an artist and being able to build their business website.

Art Show Chair - Issue call for entry, create marketing materials, email participants as needed, arrange for a venue, and coordinate with MM Social Media Admin to get the word out. Any questions ask Lisa Koenig.

Social Media Administrator - This is a new position for Midwest Metalsmiths. All of the officers and committee chairs have been doing this job for their particular job or committee, but it is time to have someone oversee these tasks in a coordinated way. The person that takes this job on would be able to write their own job description coordinating the organizations website output, Facebook Page, Instagram and always and importantly communicating with the membership. Any questions ask Catherine Geyer.

Big Success !

2022 MM Art Show

Click the arrows to see more! Click photo to enlarge!

Participating artists!

Deborrah Daher

Catherine Geyer

Don & Carol Horstman

Cindy Howenstein

Peggy Jacobsmeyer

Lanie Kodner

Lisa Koenig

Patti & Randy LaBrott

Julia Maret

Patricia McCoy-Feldmanis

Kelly Miller

Bee Morrell

Allison Norfleet-Bruenger

Nancy Pierson

Click artist name to go to their Gallery Page.

Now that it is the holiday season, please remember to contact any of these artists to fluff up you gift giving list. Always shop local !

Instructors being contacted now, a couple of commitments, and other quarries out.

Stay toned as our progress evolves.


Past Workshops

2022 Recipients for

Merit Scholarship

now online.

Three $3000 Scholarships are going to Midwest University students.

  • Annually, scholarships are awarded to three outstanding metals students at Midwest Universities.

  • Midwest Metalsmiths annually contributes to the Craft Alliance youth program.

  • Fran Siegel Memorial Scholarship   Awarded to one Midwest Metalsmiths member to take a class at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts

Learn More . . .

Lisa Geertsen Scholarship Award

Photo Credit: Michelle Smith-Lewis

Lisa Geertsen 2022 Recipient from

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Midwest  Metalsmiths embrace many aspects of metalwork: enameling, jewelry, sculpture, blacksmithing, and vessels as well as educators, and gallery owners. Visit the individual member's page to acquaint yourself with the depth of talent and the broad use of metalsmithing skills.  Meet Our Artists

Nancy Zappala Pierson #3MM_edited.jpg
Taro Leaves Dragonfly Bud
Brown Polka Dot Agate Pendant - Lg Final


Feel free to contact us with any comment, questions, or news you may want to share. One of our members monitors our email daily.


We are always interested in welcoming new members. Learn with us, share what you know, and participate in our energetic metals community.

H E L P   S U P P O R T  U S

You can help support Midwest Metalsmiths efforts to offer scholarships in our community by buying a logo item,  joining our script program, giving a percentage when on Amazon or by making a donation

Wendy Walsh Metal Shear
Wendy Walsh Metal Shear

Pieces of metal just cut for jewelry pieces using a metal shear.

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Lee Richards Wireworking Artist
Lee Richards Wireworking Artist

Miles of precious and ferrous metal wire goes into wire work jewelry.

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Log and Tools
Log and Tools

Log with holes drilled in it to organize Metalsmithing tools.

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