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Shari LaBrenz

Artist Statement

As a mathematician by education and a banker by occupation for 25 years, my metal work is a chance to exercise the right part of my brain and return to a childhood love of art class, without the crayons! I love the way metals stretch, cut, fold, form, texture and color, rarely exactly the same way twice. And using enamels brings a full color pallet to my work. I am especially drawn to transparent enamels on textured silver, or over gold foil. The vibrancy of reds, purples, and oranges over gold is beautiful. 


 I find I need to remind myself that shapes don’t need to be the perfect circles, rectangles, or other geometric shapes and that a pair of earrings don’t necessarily have to be identical nor even symmetric. Yet designing and making jewelry still uses the precision of mathematics in measurement, construction and finish - with a heavy dose of creativity! 

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