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Logan Woodle, Instructor

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May 26-28, 2023


Class time: 
9:30 am - 5:00 pm daily


Craft Alliance




Signup deadline:
April 25, 2023

Description of workshop:


Pewter’s low melting and flow points present metalsmiths with unique opportunities to create complex compositions by combining it with traditional nonferrous alloys.  In this workshop students will learn to solder and fuse pewter to brass, copper, silver, and itself with the goal of producing dynamic three dimensional forms.  Special emphasis will be placed on understanding how to introduce pewter into an active silversmithing studio while avoiding cross contamination of metals.


Students will need to provide the
following materials and tools:


6x12 sheet of 16 gauge pewter


#1 Saw blades(2dozen)

Half Round File (cannot be shared with sterling)

Needle Files (cannot be shared with sterling)

Assorted sandpaper

Copper, brass, and/or sterling scrap or offcuts

*1-jewelers saw

*Metal shears: 1 per 4 students

can be shared between students  


*Planishing hammer:  1 per 3 students

Solderite Pads (New)
Rio Grande

Stay Clean Flux and Stay Bright Solder Kit
Rio Grande


Superior No. 30 SuperSafe Flux,

4 oz paste (1)

Masking Tape

Paint/Flux Brushes (1)


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